PHD2 v2.6.13 Released

Head to Downloads for the installation files and release details.


PHD2 Best Practices

Bruce and Andy have compiled a list of best practices for PHD2.  These aren’t “must-do’s”, but they represent lessons learned from both personal experience and from analyzing hundreds of log files covering a wide range of equipment configurations. Updated Dec 2019.

Download PDF: English Français Italiano


macOS Catalina

PHD2 is now compatible with macOS Catalina. Download here


Polar Alignment tool video tutorials

Ken has put together some video tutorials on the new PHD2 polar alignment tools: Polar Drift Alignment (PDA) and Static Polar Alignment (SPA)
They can be viewed here: PHD2 polar alignment tutorials.


PHD2_Broker package available

Bruce has contributed a new PHD2_Broker package that lets you use PHD2 with the latest CCD Autopilot automation package (v 5.09.8 or later). You can manage your imaging sessions with CCD Autopilot while letting PHD2 handle guiding and dithering in a coordinated way. Details are provided in the help document that’s part of the Broker package. Download: PHD2_Broker download


Tutorial: Analyzing PHD2 Guiding Results

A tutorial on how to interpret your Guide Log and improve your guiding performance, by Bruce Waddington. Highly recommended!  Download PDF English Français Italiano 日本


Tutorial: Off-axis guiding on comets with PHD2

A tutorial on using PHD2’s Comet Tracking tool for off-axis guiding on comets, by Lars Karlsson.


PHD2 Dither App

Bruce Waddington has contributed a new PHD2 dithering application. This handy utility can be used to dither PHD2 from applications like MaxIm that do not have built-in support for PHD dithering. Download: PHD_Dither 1b


Getting the Most Out of PHD2 Guiding (Video)

Recently Andy Galasso sat down with The Astroimaging Channel to discuss PHD2 via Google Hangouts. You can watch the session here :


PHD2 Log Viewer

Andy Galasso has written this PHD2 Log File viewer for quickly visualizing your guiding performance and spotting problems in your PHD2 Guide Log.

Details here :



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