About PHD2

PHD2 is the next generation of guiding software for amateurs of all experience levels

  • For beginning imagers
    • Setup wizard to get guiding started with just a few mouse-clicks
    •  Extensive support for commonly-used equipment
    •  Smart calibration with automatic adjustment for side-of-pier and pointing location
    • Intelligent default settings for out-of-the-box results
    • Tools for drift alignment and comet-tracking
    • Proactive suggestions and advisory messages to improve your guiding
  • For more experienced imagers
    • Multiple algorithm choices for each telescope axis
    • Guiding Assistant for measuring mount performance
    • Extensive visualization tools for fine-tuning and review
    • Automatic management of dark-frame libraries and bad-pixel maps
    • Quick and easy switching between multiple imaging configurations
    • Support for adaptive optics and rotator devices
    • Automation interfaces for 3rd party imaging apps
  • For users upgrading from PHD1
    • Modernized, more responsive user interface
    • Minimal need for re-calibration with automatic adjustment for scope pointing position
    • Expanded visualization tools for reviewing and fine-tuning performance
    • Support for multiple equipment configurations with easy-to-use profiles
    • Wizard tool for setting up new equipment
    • Many new tools for getting the best guiding results
    • Long-term retention and use of dark frame libraries and bad-pixel maps
    • Support for more advanced devices like adaptive optics and instrument rotators
    • Enhanced automation interfaces to support 3rd party applications


News & Resources

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June 12, 2016 - PHD2_Broker package available